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soulsurfer82's Journal

What can I say about me...I am a conundrum, a puzzle, an ever-changing riddle. I am not to be solved so easily, not to be dissected.I am a Taurus!! I was born and raised in Connecticut! I love my family and my friends and Im very loyal to them. I love intelligent conversion and stimulating banter. I hate ignorance and self-centered behavior. I realize nothing is more calming than a comfortable silence between two people and Love is not a requirement but a privilege that should be nurtured and appreciated. Growing up doesnt mean that life is over it just means u appreciate those moments of freedom that much more. I hate to be bored but I dont like to be constantly on the go. If you dont like my friends than you dont like me. My passions are soccer and art. I love computers and pretty much anything electronic I can figure out. I think respect should be earned not presented as a present. If you don't respect why should you be respected. Live Love & Learn. For all we know we only get to do this once. Mind as well enjoy it. Can't take it with you. "Living is easy with eyes closed" but who the hell wants to miss the ride?